IHO Benefits

IHO Benefits
IHO’s Healthcare Plans entitles you to a world of health benefits & service!
Browse through IHO's service offerings & benefits below, which entitles you to a world of health related advantages & best in line services
Cashless IHO - Thyrocare Healthcheck Package
Cashless Dental Cleaning/ Scaling Package
Get your body health checkup done at no cost at any Thyrocare labs. The preventive health check package consists of the most vital recommended tests.
The package entitles you to a cleaning & scaling of your teeth (basic oral prophylaxis treatment - one sitting of ultrasonic cleaning & scaling). This package is included with IHO’s membership plan at no additional cost.
Save on your medical expenses with IHO's subsidised services across all medical specializations
A. Oral Hygiene Checkup
100% concession on all consultations & examinations
B. Treatments
50% concession on cleaning & x-rays
25%-30% concession on all other treatments
   Doctor’s Clinic Benefits
50% concession on consultations & 20% concession on further treatments & procedures
   Medical Centers (Nursing Homes)
50% concession on consultations & 15%-20% concession on further treatments & procedures
15%-30% concession on consultations & 10%-15% concession on further treatments & procedures
   Diagnostic Centers
20%-30% concession on all pathology & radiology tests
   Healthcare @ Home Avail upto 15% concession on our normal rates for home care medical facilities. The plans are priced according to patient needs and frequency of professional visits. Our services are available in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, & Kolkata.

   Dial-A-Doctor - Get medical advice related to routine or minor illnesses instantly over the phone from a qualified medical practitioner

   2nd Opinion – Get second opinion for critical diseases, IHO helps arrange this free of cost from medical experts doctors on IHO's netowrk 
Please note that all the benefits mentioned above are offered under specific IHO’s Healthcheck Package & may not be available under other package variants. For details, please contact IHO’s helpdesk
Product & Service Highlights
  IHO Thyrocare cashless healthcheck packages with the most comprehensive & vital recommended tests
  IHO Dental scaling & cleaning cashless packages
  IHO Diet Fit packages – Your customised dietician program*
  Maternity services benefits
  Dentistry services benefits
  Benefits from IHO’s network coverage in over 38 cities across India
  Access to over 15,000 medical experts & medical facilities
  No age limit or pre-existing diseases restrictions
  Same membership fees irrespective of age and / or medical condition
  No waiting period
  No hidden deductibles or hidden charges
  No limitation on number of visits & services availed
  Tax saving benefit under section 80(D)
*The IHO Diet Fit Program is available only with IHO's Premier Healthcheck Plan